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 Join the Mobile Technology Revolution
ClickFORMS™ Mobile Has Arrived!

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Dear Valued ClickFORMS User:

We are proud to announce that ClickFORMS Mobile Powered by PhoenixMobile will be available for the iPhone and iPad starting TODAY, September 25, 2012 and will offer appraisers greater flexibility to do highly accurate appraisals anywhere: in the office, in the field or at home.

This ClickFORMS release has many exciting features including photo imaging, appointment management, mapping and sketching. Join the mobile technology revolution and get ClickFORMS Mobile!

Get Ready to Use ClickFORMS Mobile:

ClickFORMS Mobile App Download – 5 Easy Steps:

 Step 1: Update ClickFORMS to the latest version (version 7.7.9, available 9/25)
 Step 2: Download the FREE Mobile App on your iPhone/iPad and create a free account with PhoenixMobile.
 Step 3: Call the Bradford Sales Team at 1-800-622-8727 to load PhoenixMobile Credits into your account.
 Step 4: Use the mobile app in the field when doing inspections.
 Step 5: Import the inspection data from mobile app to your ClickFORMS desktop.


ClickFORMS Mobile will be offered in either annual or monthly packages, the choice is yours:

Package Options:

Number of Reports Created Package Price
25 $35
50 $65
100 $120
200 $200
Unlimited Subscription Options:

Types of Subscriptions
Monthly $25
Annually $250

Special Introductory Promotion: Sign up by October 15th and receive 10 free reports on us!

 Hear what our valued ClickFORMS Mobile beta testers are saying:

“As an appraiser that is somewhat tech savvy I will definitely make the most of my time in the field with this product.”

“It should speed up the completion of reports. I look forward to being able to start a report in the office, load it into ClickFORMS Mobile and do the field work. The ability to upload photos directly into the report after uploading to ClickFORMS from the device is a great time-saving feature.”

“Ease-of-use and dropdowns are very helpful, it allows you any amount of data you can enter in the field which is a time saver.”

BONUS: Look for our upcoming ClickFORMS Mobile Webinar in Mid-October. Don’t miss this session featuring an informative discussion around ClickFORMS Mobile including Tips and Tricks for Users, Latest Trends in Mobile Technology and more!

Below listed are some ClickFORMS Mobile Help Documents:

How to set up ClickFORMS Mobile

ClickFORMS Mobile FAQs

ClickFORMS Mobile Video Overview

To learn more or purchase, please call 800-622-8727

 Your ClickFORMS Mobile Team

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